Welcome to Paradise

Living in Northern California is such a blessing, we sometimes take it for granted. Surrounded by such a wealth of natural beauty and one of the most livable climates on earth, we have a variety of choices for weekend getaways. The area also draws a diversity of people and cultures that is unmatched. New technologies and groundbreaking ideas are allowed to thrive in our unique corner of paradise.


One of the benefits of living in Northern California is the abundance of natural beauty and the unending opportunities to capture this beauty in photographs. From the Pacific Coast to the Majestic Redwood forests, the Nikon travels with me. I am known among family and friends as the persistent photographer since I am always trying to capture the moment. Of course there are very few photos ever taken of me at these events!

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  • Graphic Design

    I have been a designer for 20 years and have experienced a variety of changes in my career. The two most influential changes have been the introduction of the MacIntosh leading to advent of desktop publishing; while the second major event has been the incredible growth of the internet and the changes this has brought to the publishing world as well as communications as a whole.

    Web Design

    With the introduction of the web and the technological advances it offers, I adapted to meet the rising need. I loved studying and mastering Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML and Flash. I really love the abilities that Flash provides in making images come to life and jump off the page.

    Flash Gallery

  • Go Nuclear
  • Ghost Signature
  • Audi A4 Skyscraper
  • Oakmont Golf
  • Rod Stewart

  • Running Man ~ Frame by frame animation using Flash CS4